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Western Canada's Trusted 3PL Provider

Are you a consumer goods company that needs logistics services to Western Canada?

With a century-long track record of trusted service, we specialize in helping companies fulfill their fast-turn consumer goods needs. Count on us to provide reliable solutions that ensure your orders reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.

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Take the Stress Out Of 3PL Management 

We understand the crucial role that effective fulfillment plays in the success of your business. When you trust us with your fulfillment needs, you can rest assured knowing that we provide reliable service that always delivers on your customer promise. Our dedicated customer service team and logistics staff work tirelessly to ensure that your products are delivered accurately and on time, every single time.

But when you choose to work with us, you're not just outsourcing your fulfillment, you're gaining a valuable partner. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you to optimize your supply chain, understand your unique business needs, overcome any challenges you may have faced in the past, and uncover exciting new opportunities for growth and success.

With a wealth of experience and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Birkby 3PL is fully equipped to handle all of your supply chain needs. Whether it's setting you up for the first time or managing complex operations, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth and efficient processes from start to finish.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying


The Birkby/Routeique teams are geared towards excellent service. They listen to their customers, and are very quick to interact. They are always open to improvement and support. Birkby/Routeique took care to calculate everything and give us the best options. I am more than satisfied!

– Yeliz Koyluoglu - Director Of Operations NDR


The best thing about the system is that it is real-time and cloud-based. You can see your inventory, orders and even order status real time. The system has POD's for each order shipped, Lot tracking.

Great experience and I know they are constantly improving and evolving their platform.

– Supply Chain Manager - Murray Market National

Fulfillment You Can Count On

We provide efficiency, transparency, and peace of mind with a dedicated team and leading technology.


Our flexible, scalable warehousing helps you store and manage your inventory efficiently.

Our storage includes:

  • ambient
  • cold
  • frozen


Inventory Management

Our technology allows you total visibility and helps us use your data to manage ideal carrying quantities for inventory, which brings you savings, efficiency, and transparency.

We offer:

  • easy integration with your ERP or E-Commerce system
  • real-time inventory visibility
  • access performance insights from your dashboard
  • inventory reporting
  • digital claims reporting

Order Fulfillment

Your orders will be fulfilled by a team of staff that excels in precise, fast-turn fulfilment in consumer goods.

Services include:

  • container re-organization/de-stuffing
  • adding promotional materials to shipments
  • rework
  • cross-docking
  • real-time tracking for you and your customers
  • B2B Fulfillment
  • B2C Fulfillment
  • kitting
  • parcel shipping
  • frozen, refrigerated, or ambient fulfillment



We offer several transportation options, including a local delivery fleet in Alberta as and a Western Canadian carrier network.

Our technology keeps you in the loop and ensures that your shipments reach their destination on time and in good condition.

Services include:

  • full truckload
  • less-than-truckload
  • direct store delivery in Alberta
  • inbound/outbound refrigerated & frozen freight
  • transportation for temperature-sensitive goods

Network Orchestration

Should you require some additional storage outside of what is required to be on hand for order fulfillment, we work with a network of storage partners in Alberta. 

Our team can orchestrate your inventory between our fulfillment centre and our partners to ensure you have the additional storage you need, and we have exactly what’s required in our fulfillment centre

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We Provide High Touch Customer Care

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers, vendors, and clients throughout North America. We understand the importance of every interaction and are committed to providing valuable support in everything we do.

With our dedicated implementation team, you'll have a single point of contact with your account manager for a seamless experience. We pride ourselves on our fast response time to address any concerns or inquiries you may have. Additionally, we offer monthly check-ins to ensure your success as our client, along with data analysis and recommendations to help you make informed decisions.


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Our Calgary Facility

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What areas do you service?

While our main warehouse is located in Calgary, Alberta; we provide our services all throughout Western Canada. We have the means and resources to work with clients across the country! 

What services do you offer?

We’re a high-turn order fulfillment center, providing order fulfillment for B2B and B2C orders, with capabilities to handle:

  • Ambient
  • Cold
  • Frozen

We also offer several transportation options including our own local delivery fleet in Alberta as well as a Western Canadian carrier network.

Do You Own Your Fleet?

We have our own fleet of vehicles delivering within Alberta, and a large Western Canadian carrier network. We also have all the major parcel carriers visiting our facility daily for parcel shipments.

Finding the right 3PL doesn't have to be complicated.

We’re here to answer all your questions about sourcing a 3PL that will help your business grow!

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