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Services Overview 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Birkby Foods caters to thousands of customers, delivering top-quality products from renowned vendors such as Nestle, Parmalat, and Simply, among others. Our diverse customer base includes convenience stores, gas stations, coffee shops, large retailers, groceries, restaurants, education campuses, theme parks, and healthcare facilities, to name just a few.


Who We Serve

Our customer list continues to grow each day, encompassing a wide range of businesses and industries, including:

- Grocery stores (both large chains and independent retailers)

- Gas stations

- Convenience stores

- Artisan bakeries

- Craft ice cream micro creameries

- Hotels and hospitality establishments

- Schools and educational campuses

- Healthcare facilities

- Small and large restaurants

- Festivals, private parties, and fundraising events


Reach Out To Us

If your business falls under any of these categories, we invite you to discover how Birkby Foods can help you improve and streamline your operations. For any inquiries or to speak with a customer service representative, please contact our order desk at or call 1-855-394-3663.

Ready to experience the Birkby Food Service difference for yourself?

Whether you're a seasoned restaurateur, a busy grocery store manager, or a passionate food enthusiast, we're here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to place an order.

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