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Western Canada's Trusted 3PL Provider

With coverage for all of Western Canada and the ability to grow with your business, we are your Calgary based 3PL partner you can rely on.


Eliminate the Worry of Managing Your 3PL

Our team of experts will manage all supply chain needs, whether it’s getting you set up for the first time or managing complex global operations. We provide frictionless movement of goods from those who sell, to those who buy and everyone in between.

We Take Care of It

End-to-End 3rd Party Logistics Solutions

  • Value-adding solutions down to the last mile
  • Turnkey 3PL management services for all sizes and scopes.
  • Custom packaging and labels
  • Shipping and distribution solutions powered by Routeique for B2B and B2C customers.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

  • Turn eCommerce into a driver for your business.
  • Start from scratch or build on existing platforms.
  • Complete order fulfillment and distribution solutions by Routeique.
  • Digital marketing, customer service, and more!

3PL Tech Solutions by Routeique®

  • Integration with your ERP or E-Commerce system
  • 3PL client portal to view order and inventory status
  • Real-time order status notifications and proof of delivery
  • Route optimization and vehicle tracking

How Can 3PL Help You?

Save Money
By outsourcing your deliveries or warehousing and storage, you are able to cut the costs associated with maintaining a facility or a fleet of vehicles to deliver your products.

Scale Your Business Quickly and Efficiently 
No matter your starting size, as you expand, so do 3PL services. The services can be scaled as small or as large as you require.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
With state-of-the-art delivery tracking, increased visibility through clear reporting, and continuous contact with distributors, your customers can rest assured their orders will be delivered.

Gain Access, Expertise, and Experience
Having a 3PL team means you have the most knowledgeable and experienced team behind you. They know how to help your business be the best it can be.

Focus on Other Areas of Your Business
With your mind off managing your product, you can focus on building parts of your business that are important to you. 

Results Matter to Us

At Birkby, we push for your growth and make sure you get the very best we have to offer.



Every member of the Birkby family is committed to providing world-class service for our customers, vendors, and clients across North America. We are driven by the belief that every touchpoint matters, and are committed to providing support and adding value in everything we do.


Birkby’s 3PL solutions are powered by Routeique, an industry-leading order and delivery management system. Driven by cloud-based, end-to-end inventory management, Routeique optimizes supply chains through data-driven insights and automated solutions for every logistics challenge.


Since 1918, Birkby has built its reputation on trust, transparency, and a drive to “get it wherever it needs to be.” Many things have changed over the last hundred years, but our commitment to supporting our clients remains the same.


“I want to pass along my kudos to you guys!! Great communication, service and always super friendly and prompt!! I’m super pleased and happy to be doing business with you.”

Amber VanTighem - Grocery Store Manager at Bite Grocer & Eatery

"Birkby Food Service has been very accommodating and helpful to us especially in terms of booking assistance, services like picking up goods. Special shout-out to Victoria and Kevin, these guys are very helpful and always ready to assist. Overall, great service! Kudos!"

Elenor Alejandria - Inoi Seafood Direct


Experience Matters

10,000 orders delivered each month

On average, we power customers growth of 37% YOY

Reduced our customers shrink by 12% on average

We Help Our Customers Grow, Efficiently

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Where Do You

Located in Calgary, Alberta we provide our services all throughout Western Canada. We have the means and resources to work with clients across the country.

What Storage Solutions Do You Offer?

We currently offer three forms of storage and warehousing solutions:

  • Ambient
  • Cold
  • Frozen

What is Routeique®?

Our logistics software takes on a large portion of the heavy lifting so that we can focus on distributing. We rely on Routeique to bring us the best that there is to offer in cloud-based logistics and delivery. Our use of the Routeique software allows us to beat out the competition. We are based out of Alberta and provide our services all throughout Western Canada. We have the means and resources to work with clients across the country.

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Do You Own Your Fleet?

We have a fleet of trucks dedicated to transporting your product from our warehouse to any destination. Each vehicle uses Routeiques powerful technology to ensure maximum efficiency on its route, down to the last mile.

Finding the right 3PL doesn't have to be hard.

We’re here to answer all your questions about sourcing a 3PL that will help your business grow!

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